Farina v. Nokia Inc., et al.

The past 15 years have seen cell phone use evolve from a mere convenience to an all out necessity.  Increased usage without proper testing of the required equipment has led to adverse reactions within the makeup of the human body.  The biological harm is further manifested when a unwitting person talks on their cell phone without the use of a proper headset.  For close to 40 years it has been widely known that exposure to RFR, within the frequency common to cell phones, can cause adverse biological effects due to such exposure.  Scientific studies dating back to the early 1920’s are more reinforcement that these large corporations like Nokia, LG and Motorolla ignored the warning signs that cell phones posses and marketed them to consumers anyway.

This suit seeks to acquire 1 handsfree headset for all consumers who did not receive one with their original purchase.  It also seeks statutory damages on behalf of each class member for receiving less then what they paid for.  While this case may last many years it is hopeful that a resolution can be reached before anymore people use a cell phone without the proper protection.

Complaint: Cell Phone Litigation

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