Samuel-Bassett v. Kia Motors America, Inc

212 F.R.D. 271 (E.D. Pa. 2002)

The Firm is co-counsel in this class action involving 10,000 Pennsylvania consumers against Kia Motors America, Inc. The class claims arise from a systematic defective brake system in Kia Sephia automobiles, model years 1995-2001. The district court granted plaintiff’s motion for class certification and Kia has appealed that ruling to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. A decision is expected in early 2004.

Complaint: Bassett v. KIA – Amended Class Action Complaint
Court Decisions : Memorandum and Order Approving Class Certification ; Superior Court Decision on KIA’s Appeal ; KIA (PA) – Supreme Court Decision
Court Opinion’s: Judge Bernstein’s Opinion and Findings of Facts ; KIA (PA) Post Trial Opinion
Notice to Class : Notice to Class Members in Bassett v. KIA
Pleadings: Definitive Text of The Brief of Bassett