U.S. Bank

US Bank is a national provider of credit cards and other financial services directed at consumers through various forms of solicitation.  Each card was issued with specific terms and agreements, however US Bank decided the terms were not sufficient and so they enacted a “change in terms”, specifically altering way APR was calculated.  As a result US Bank cardholders have brought suit for violations of the Truth in Lending Act which mandates that credit card solicitations disclose, clearly and conspicuously, all required cost of credit information.  Their TLA violations include a lack of disclosure that APR was not determined by calculating “Prime +1%”, but instead by adding a “margin” to the prime rate, “margins” range from 9.99% for purchases to 14.99% for cash advances.  Additionally their “change in terms” took on a more deceptive role allowing for US Bank to conduct a subjective review of a cardholder’s credit score or report  in order to adjust (raise) their APR.  The suit seeks damages both actual and treble along with restitution of the revenue US Bank attained illegally.

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